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SEO Training - Avoid Making this Costly Mistake!

Posted on July 7, 2021 by Hilario Tomory

SEO training can be overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of factors that go into search engine ranking on the major search engines such as Google or Bing. When designing a web site or a web page for high search engine ranking,avoid making this one mistake that alone could keep you from achieving a top ten ranking on your target keywords. What is this one costly mistake? Keep reading to discover.

Build your website on a good base

Your website structure is the basis to high search engine ranking. If you build your site with the incorrect structure, anything else you do to market your website will be crippled from the beginning. The most costly mistake you might do to cripple your search engine optimization efforts is to build your website using frames.

Using Frames makes your job so much harder

Using frames on your website makes it much more challenging to achieve high search engine ranking. Does this make it impossible? No, but it does make it much more challenging. With all the competition already our there for attaining high search engine rankings on competitive keywords, why do you need to make your work harder than it needs to be?

How do frames avoid high positions?

If you go to some website that has frames, right click anywhere on the page, and select'view source', you will see that the HTML that comes up has nothing to do with the text on the page. The principal frameset usually calls the other frames for articles and does not contain much relevant content by itself. At best, this hurts the significance put on your target keywords (called keyword prominence) and at worst, it prevents your actual text from being seen by the search engine. In any event, these effects are undesirable.

"I must use frames, is there no hope?"

In case you need to use frames, then you might want to be certain that your main frameset page is optimized for your target keywords. Make sure it's a relevant title, meta keyword and meta description which is contains a small text on the subject of the keyword.

Avoid Frames at all cost

The disadvantages of using frames to your web site greatly outweigh any perceived benefit for easier navigation or any desired design effect. I would advise that you avoid using frames at all costs.